Shri Dr. Ramesh Chandra Upadhyay

Mr. Mohanlal's son Mr. Chunni Lal village, Salem, whose birth place was in his aspiration to donate his 4 bighas of land for school, at that time, Zilla Parishad Duara only schools were from class 1 to 8. It was the practice of giving donations by filling the guna, due to the lack of satisfaction in the economic situation, the 4 bighas of land would be planted with neem trees and without ten times the rent the land was not authorized by the District Council and their aspirations could not be fulfilled and Incidentally, at the young age of 51 years, he died in 1949.

Who was Santoshi Vidhan Pandit, by the grace of God, in order to make the father's dreams come true, Ramesh Chandra Upadhyay started the school on 6 February 1919 in village Salempur, and the name of that school was named after his father, Mr. Mohanlal Adarsh ​​Shiksha Samiti , Salempur Sadabad Hathras was registered in Uttar Pradesh Government Dua in the year 1979 under this committee, the school continued to progress on the path of progress and first class 6 to 8 would get valid recognition from the Agra division on February 1949 and both the school district level But achieved the record in education and started the college on December 25, 1985 by purchasing land on Salempur Road in Sadabad for high school level education, which will get the recognition of class 10 in the year 1945, in which 5 5 sections in each class from the government.

Approved and science has also got recognition from Sasan, in class 12, 3,3 sections in each class are approved by the government, thus the college is going on a path of progress day by day in which about 40 teachers, clerks, principal rooms are available. In which about 12 300 students and students are studying education, monitoring of CCTV cameras, system of health test, large rooms, fan light elevator etc., complete system of sports, smart class, experimental study through projector and special rooms, college building In the peace and clean environment is built on Salempur road, research and regular education is leading in city level.